Monday, July 18, 2011

Technology Revolutions in Education

Technology has simply revolutionized the way humans live and work. It has become a necessity, if for a day we are deprived of electricity we feel our lives have come to an end. We have become dependent on electricity to an extent from where there is no return. Technology has allowed us to unleash many hidden secrets of the universe and has put many interesting challenges for the people like traveling to the moon and going deep in the ocean.

Technology has entered all important aspects of our lives. Revolution in industries was the result of introduction of machinery. Now, the entire workforce on earth is directly or indirectly linked to technology, millions daily reap huge benefits from technology. Education is one sector that demands for technology to the maximum. Technology very smoothly fits in to the academic activities going on in schools. With technology in schools parents can keep a stricter eye on their kids as the school administration has the contacts of parents and they can be immediately informed if the kid bunks school or arrives late. With voice mail, the parents are also kept in loop about the progress of their children. It has also facilitated teachers to a great extent. They can send homework to the students from home, receive assignments online and even grade them on the computer.

Colleges and universities have experienced more advantages than schools. These institutes have made online libraries on dedicated networks. These libraries have all the courses and much other relevant information. Students and teachers are given access to these libraries. Using the sources of online libraries the teachers can prepare better notes and lectures for the class whereas the students have unlimited access to books and journals that greatly helps them in understanding the subjects easily and more independently; the students can even search for term papers.

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